Inter 'letter' poster

Inter is a typeface that has been specifically designed for computer screens. And, is one of my favourite typefaces due its readability as a result of tall x-height.

I was browsing Rasmus Andersson's personal website and came across a beautiful poster with different weights of the letter 'a', super-imposed, using the Inter typeface. Unfortunately, I could not get it shipped to me, in Australia. I hence decided to create my own!

I loved the super-imposed look of a single letter and decided to re-create it on my poster. The next question was the colour – it had to be something I would like to see up on a wall in my study. I chose 'Illuminating'. Yellow is a colour I like and it also happened to be the Pantone colour of the year for 2021. The poster also has some text that has been carefully developed by Jonathan Hoefler to proof fonts – quite a fascinating read, if you're keen.

By my first iteration, it struck me – why don't I make a version for every letter and make it available to everyone. And I did. Well, not quite, I am still working through adding letters to my Gumroad product. But it has turned in to a mini-project for me and I am super kicked about selling some of my creation online.

Update: I've taken this project down for now. I'll be working on a new version of it soon.